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One Piece Anything-Goes Challenge Community

Pieces of Three
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Anything-goes One Piece challenge community!


Gen, het, yaoi, yuri, nakamaship, anything. Write, draw, whatever works for you. Whatever that is, we want to see it.

What is OP_300, anyway?
We're a challenge community for writers and artists who like a lot of leeway in their challenge. In other words, anything goes.

But aren't there already other One Piece challenge comms?
Sure, and we're all for them. It's just, we don't see any reason to tie ourselves to one genre. We appreciate all kinds of fic and art which is why we say that if you can write it, draw it, mold it out of Playdough or whatever, you should be able to. And this is the place for it. We've got rules, sure--this is a drabble/drawble challenge comm--but we're an easy-going bunch around here; we're pretty much just looking for a good time.

So how does this work?
Easily. Each Sunday, a prompt will be posted. Members will have until Sunday next to get their entries in. Then the previous week's winner will pick a new winner, and it will be the new winner's turn to issue a prompt. Lather, rinse, repeat. Simple, yes?

Yes. But...

What do you mean, house rules? I thought you guys said this was anything goes?
Well yeah, but you can't really have a challenge comm without a few guidelines, you know? And these are pretty simple.

[01] Not for nothing is this onepiece_300; drabbles should be 300 words or less. Anything over 300 words will not be eligible for judging. If your drabble is over 300 words, you're still free to post it here, but if it goes way over the word limit--say by several hundred--you might want to call it fic and post to one_piece.

[02] No bashing. Of any pairing, character, fellow fan, or fellow fan's fic/art. We accept all One Piece pairings (or lack thereof) hereabouts, and if you don't have something nice/constructive to say, please refrain from saying anything. Start wank and you're banned. Period.

[03] LJ-cuts. Learn how to. ALL fic and art should be posted directly to the comm and under a cut.

[04] Stay on topic. If your post is for a previous prompt and you're late or just didn't finish on time, that's fine: post away. If your drabble or drawble is completely unrelated to any onepiece_300 topic, past or present, please post to another One Piece comm.

[05] When posting, please use the following header. It's polite to let people know what they're getting, and will make archiving much less of a headache.
Media: (art or fic)
Word Count(if applicable):

[06] USE THE TAGS. The tag system is how we keep track of posts. It's how a reader can find what they want to read by genre or pairing or character, whatever. The first time you don't use tags, a mod will do it for you and remind you. The second time, the mod will remind you and let you apply the tags. After that, whether there are tags on your posts or not will be up to you. If you want people to be able to find your fic, tag it.

Those are the major rules. They are subject to change and may be added to or subtracted from at irrelevant's whim.

Your moderators are scribe_protra, evercelle and dethorats, and trust us, they make the Jurymen look good. Kidding. If you have questions or problems, feel free to contact them.

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